Your words are a currency

I bet you do write a lot but if you have been in one of those Facebook groups in which whenever a shady profile posts “work”. Hordes of “writers” start commenting interested. 

You look at sixty-three comments and wonder if it’s even worth commenting “interested”?

It isn’t. 

But this post isn’t about that, it’s about telling you that right now your words are a currency.

Digital property 

Websites are digital properties, it’s like owning a house or a shop. Every website needs traffic like every shop needs a steady flow of customers. 

The Navigator 

Google is the navigator, it connects the searcher to web content, how does google do that? , by search query: the little keyword people put into google’s search bar.

Google’s spiders crawl the web looking for the most unique, most relevant, and most useful content and this is where your words become a currency. That article you sold for a thousand rupees is now online and somehow it is on google’s SERP, the ten blue links. 

Let’s say they are running ads on the website, or they are selling merchandise, now all those clicks are turning into dollars. 

Bottom line, your words are a currency, without written content, there is no web.


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