Your words are a currency

I bet you do write a lot but if you have been in one of those Facebook groups in which whenever a shady profile posts “work”. Hordes of “writers” start commenting interested.  You look at sixty-three comments and wonder if it’s even worth commenting “interested”? It isn’t.  But this post isn’t about that, it’s about telling you thatContinue reading “Your words are a currency”

Academic writing

Lesson 1 Three Kinds of Sources and Their Uses Sources are conventionally categorized into three kinds: primary, secondary, and tertiary (think first-, second-, and third-hand). Their boundaries are fuzzy, but knowing these categories can help you conduct your research. Consult Primary Sources for Evidence Primary sources are “original” materials that provide you with the “raw”Continue reading “Academic writing”

Law of Attraction

How to manifest objects out of thin air Law of attraction You draw whatever you give your energy, thoughtfulness, and effort to. If you’re thoughtful about it, you’re attracting it to your existence — whether it’s progressive or damaging. Everything is energy. Including your thoughts. you’re made up entirely of energy. The chair you’re sittingContinue reading “Law of Attraction”

SEO de-mystified

By Kashif Nasir Every time you go in for an interview, the first thing they are going to ask you is: “what do you know about SEO?” Let’s face it you are never going to be able to talk through it because the subject is just too complicated. So let me simplify it. SEO andContinue reading “SEO de-mystified”

IV Infusion

IV Infusion IV Infusion is the administration of nutrients, electrolytes, minerals, and fluids into a patient’s veins. IV infusion allows the intake of nutrients when gastrointestinal absorption of food is inaccessible or insufficient. History of IV Infusion Current IV therapy is less than 100 years old. Yet, the knowledge of IV infusion is ancient. ButContinue reading “IV Infusion”